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I have one thought at the moment.I live in Hungary but have had been living in America for almost 6 years.I was their on 9/11,I've seen all the war strikers,I've seen articles about murdered girls and those were the"highlights" in the NOT LEGAL,UNacceptable department.I know gay people can mess up their own lives like starights for we are all human,shit the same,stink the same,Excuse my english but this is my strongest opinion about why we are not THAT different.I am a straight woman,LOVE my gay Friends to death,they are the one that gave the most love in my life and nobody will ever convince me that they are not suppose to be in this world and they are not LEGAL to marry.Underage kids are ILEGAL to vomit from drinking themselves into a stupor,BUSH is Ilegal to sit on a bloody white horse and look down on everyone,not just gays.Everybody that is unappreciative of another active,creative,breathing,unharmful to others human being is ILEGAL.Sometimes I wish I was a gay man to really feel their pain and suffering but since I can't change that I'll just speak out whenever my big mouth and soul intends.That soul remark suppose to be noble.:-))

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