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Good grief! what a monster! What did you find in him???


The person I though I was deeply in love with was a fake. It was the biggest mistake of my life, I actually believed in love at first sight, I loved him over the years unconditionally, I took care of him for almost 18 years, I didn't know that he was leading a separate life until the end, no matter how mean, nasty or abusive he was, I kept telling myself it will be better tomorrow, he would constantly tell me that it is forever while he would turn around and become a monster.

He took the best thing that will ever happen in is life and threw me out on the street. We was a liar, an abuser, deceptive, a cheater, a thief, and in the end a coward who had an attorney dump me. He couldn't even say good-bye.

We are human, we love, we learn. None of that applies to him, he is incapable of all three.

A4 / Michael

The first time he laid a hand on me would have been the last time he did anything...including breathe.

i am so glad that you have gotten yourself out of that relationship. now as i am reading about how you and steven are so in love it brings tears to my eyes. It gives me hope for Love. I hope and pray that everything works amazingly well for you both. Your blogs adds that glimmer to my eye every day. Did you explain about the rabbits yet. Good night and look forward to the next entry.
Thank you so much chris, never give up hope, just keep you heart open, and let destiny follow it's path.

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